Administrative changes in the issuance of omang cards

The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs is working around the clock to clear the backlog of Omang Cards which currently stands at 198,679.

The public is informed that with immediate effect, individuals whose date of birth was unknown and xx/xx was used, would no longer be required to bring witnesses 10 years older than them upon Renewal of Omang. The Ministry will with the approval of the concerned person use 01/01 as date of birth.

In the case of late registration for the elderly and those not knowing their date of birth, the Calendar of Events such as Ngwaga wa Tsie and World War II, will be used to approximate their age with their consent.

Regarding the requirement for an applicant to show all facial features including top head when taking Omang photographs, Individuals who wear headgear for cultural or religious purposes, will be allowed to push back their head gears without total removal to expose their full face including ears for this purpose.

The Public is further informed that the Ministry will no longer confiscate Omang Cards except for those obtained fraudulently.
The Ministry also encourages the public to register for renewal of Omang Cards 3 months before expiry.


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