Book Review: Rising against all odds

Author: Tshegofatso B, Lekone
Tag a book lover

All of us at one point or another find ourselves in seemingly difficult situations that come to break us, tear our lives part and to wound our hearts to a state of hopelessness and tears beyond comfort. Sometimes these situations occur one after the other giving us no time to heal or take a break.While others, in the very same situations end up taking their own lives or turning to drugs and other sorts of things, Oroba, in Rising Against All Odds followed some life changing principles that helped her to rise from her misery, pain and traumatic experiences to a new happy person, RISING AGAINST ALL ODDS that rose against her life (losing three kids, finding herself in accidents that claimed lives, being thrown into a cell and ultimately waking up in a mental hospital).

These same principles can be followed by any person during their own time of distress in any area of their lives to turning things around to a happier life.

RISING AGAINST ALL ODDS is therefore a must read for anyone looking for hope and peace after any traumatic incident that they are battling with. It will help readers to build their muscle of resilience and determination to make a positive change of their lives.

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