How to inspire employees to do their best work

An employee can only be a valuable asset when he works in a learning and flourishing environment. Here are a few tips that an employer can inspire employees to do their best work

Inspire yourself first

First of all, ask yourself how passionate and excited are you about your product or business? Employees take what is given to them. If you want them to charge their batteries and be all pumped-up about going to work, inspire yourself first.

Set up an example by being excited about your work. Talk about the future projects and the plans you have in the pipeline so that your excitement and enthusiasm gets transferred to them as they say motivation is contagious. It’s a great way to re-energize your own commitment for your business and give them a reason to look forward to work.

Provide meaning, purpose, and sense of belonging to them

Share the mission, purpose, and goals with your employees. It would not only instill their belief in the company’s vision but would also give them a sense of belonging and an idea of the bigger picture.

Professionals look forward to work with companies or startups who have their values and work ethics in place. Plus, working on something that employees can relate to would give them a sense of contribution which is much higher than higher salaries or other factors.

Drive their fear away

Employees have a bucket full of ideas as they are the ones actually working on a product day in and day out. The biggest reason that restricts them to share those ideas or even have a general conversation with their employer might be his “stereotypical boss image”.

Start engaging them in small talks, know what they like to do, how their family is doing, and drive the fear away so they don’t have second thoughts to approach you for whatever reason.

Show them your trust and they’ll give you results

ou can only produce valuable employees if you instill trust and confidence in them to become one. Employees crave trust and affection from their seniors, managers, and bosses. As per a research, around sixty-nine percent of employees would work harder if they were better recognized and trusted at work. When employees know their actions are trusted, they go an extra mile to bring the best work from their side.

Appreciate a job well-done

You have no idea what random praises and compliments can do to employees. This can not only boost the morale of employees but also inspire them to work harder. Unfortunately, if we look at the numbers, we would realize that a staggering eight-one percent have a longing to be appreciated and recognized for the efforts at work.

Don’t be too general or vague while appreciating them. Be specific and take their names. Express the qualities or the work they did that made you appreciate them. When you revisit their triumphs and professional victories, it leaves a positive impact on them as well as on others that leads to a happy workplace environment.

You don’t need a magic wand to infuse inspiration, motivation, and happiness at your workplace. Constant motivation, little changes here and there, celebrating their success and contribution at work would do wonders to inspire them to do their best work.


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