Matters affecting the deaf include:
* Lack of Employment
* Joblessness leading to poverty
* Employers shunning deaf people

Employer Digest Botswana spoke to Ragele Mapii
Miss Deaf Awareness 2017-18 and this is what she had to say

“I would like to share this message to Botswana to understand the Deaf.

I have realised that throughout our country there are few people who understand language of Deaf people which is a great concern

Deaf people are not Native at English but native at sign langauge, that why some of us are not fluen in English because sign language is opposed to written language but that does mean we are dump. I think our community need to understand that they shouldn’t make fun of how deaf people writes. it would be wise if they try and help them improve. same thing applied when hearing population feeling sorry or feeling pity for the deaf they don’t like that.they felt like there are being treat as if they have handicap.they get frustrating easy.Hearing Aid is just a beautiful device like someone putting on spectacles (eye glasses).

Putting on hearing Aids that doesn’t mean one can hear 100%.I want to raise Awareness for the deaf community and promoting social equality and economic success for all member of deaf community and serving as Role Model for future generation. There are matter that affecting our lives such as Lack of Employment we are jobless which lead us to poverty.when you get to interview already stress enough, no need for additional, even if we reveal our status on application forms to hearing people seem like is too much extra work to accommodate the Deaf.Deaf have talent and they are hard work.

Deaf are smart in diffrents ways , they are many way of commucation with Deaf person it can be by writing, texting email to mentioned few The must painful part is Health facilities .when you need help and nurse wouldn’t be able to help because they don’t understand sign language.”


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