Debswana’s Letlhakane Mine Tailings Resource Treatment Project (LMTRTP) recently reached their biggest and final milestone through the recovery of the first carats from the tailings resource. This follows tests which introduced feed to the plant. The commissioning also marked a historical moment for Letlhakane Mine, as the tailings resource was mined and treated for the very first time since the Mine’s commissioning in 1975.

“We are delighted with this milestone achievement which is in line with our strategic goals. Of course,
we thank our team and Business Partners for working tirelessly and safely in the delivery of this key
milestone. The focus is now on preparing for continuous running of the Plant. This means working to
deliver per the strategic blueprint we have in place, and ensuring efficient and sustainable efforts.” said
Acting Letlhakane Mine Senior Commissioning Manager, Kirby Motsumi.
Senior Construction Manager, Douglas Hambidge, echoed this sentiment. “Achieving the milestone has
indeed brought in a lot of excitement amongst the teams, especially contractors and Business Partners
as they witness their handiwork come to life. This is a great feat, and we are excited at the progress
being made.”

Part of final commissioning stages, included introduction of tailings material into the different sections
of the process plant and confirmation that the individual sections achieve production targets. This
aspect is critical to the project. It prepared for the final stage of commissioning; that is, achievement of
name plate design which saw the process plant as a whole operating at design production capacity over
a specific time.

For the plant to go into full production, Senior Project Manager, Omphile Ntabeni revealed that the
plant ought to run consistently for 72 hours/3 days, reaching the set production targets. “I remain
confident that with support from the various stakeholders and teamwork delivered on this key project,”
he said. The new plant is expected to extend the “Life of Mine” for Letlhakane Mine by over 20 years,
thus a testament to the future planning for the Mine. The LMTRTP project has kept an impressive safety
record of over 3.8 million hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI). This means not a single injury that
resulted in time off work, which essentially translates into zero material or substantive injuries on the
Mine. This is in line with our number one value of putting safety first in everything we do.
Debswana continues to drive sustainable future planning for Letlhakane Mine and indeed all operations
across the company. This takes into consideration the Company’s cognisance of the fact that the
resource Debswana mines, and which enriches the Nation, is finite. Plans are always underway to
prepare for the short and long-term future of the business in this regard, and accomplishments such as
LMTRTP’s mined carats remain key highlights that support strategic activities and plans.

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